“seje dina”

Neneh Alexandrovic

seje dina is a musical treat which developed mostly at home, in the kitchen studio of singer Neneh Alexandrovic and percussionist Samuel Herren. The songs originate from Nenehs pen, or to be more precise, are flowing through her.
In cooperation with excellent musicians a wondrous mix of impressive sound stories emerged. seje dina unites worlds and cultures into unique new sound Pictures.
It is a musical journey between heaven and earth and the spaces in between and the profoundly deep human feelings inside these spaces – at once, archaic, playful and gentle, bringing to our ears what words fail to express. Seje dina is bridging the spirit world with the earthly world, a kind of a musical rainbow. It offers playful percussion, dreamy accordion, wistful duduk, a deep balmy voice, heart-touching violin, groovy guitar – a perfect folk-music menu…

MusikerSamuel Herren (percussion, vocals)
Sandro Schneebeli (guitar)
Darja Alexandrovic (guitar, vocals)
Disu Gmünder (mandola)
Raja Richardson (guitar, guitalele)
Tom Tafel (accordion)
Chrigu Rechsteiner (violin, bass)
Reza Asgarzadeh (duduk)
Neneh Alexandrovic ( written & composed, vocals)
Rolf Stauffacher mix & mastered
Recorded in CH – Worb, Zürich, Bern
& Iran – Teheran, 2014innen1